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Sifu Aidan Canavan at Wing Tsun Navan

December 3rd 2017

To finish out 2017 we were delighted to have Sifu Aidan Canavan, Ireland's only Wing Tsun Master, join us in Navan for a three hour training session on Sunday December 3rd.

Sifu Canavan is the head instructor in the Dublin City Centre club and a number of his students joined us on the day. It's always great to have students and instructors from other clubs train in Navan as it gives us a view of what's happening in their club as well as strengthening the bonds in the IEWTO.

The focus for the session was inner Wing Tsun and following a run through of the Siu Nim Tau, with some explanations, Aidan introduced an exercise in opening and closing.

Aidan then showed us how the Open and Close movements were an integral part of various techniques and gave us some exercises to focus on the Open and Close while performing the movement with a partner. Finally we worked on using Open and Close against four attacks, an outside and inside attack at head level and an outside and inside attack at stomach level.

We were joined on the day by a total newcomer to Wing Tsun but he had no difficulty in following the lessons and taking a full part in the training which is a testament to both how simple Wing Tsun is and to how incredibly simple and clear Sifu Canavan's instruction was.

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication on our part, we had less time than Aidan thought and we had to finish up before he could complete the class plan. Of course this just means we have a perfect excuse to invite him back in 2018 for another session.

We'd like to thank Sifu Canavan for coming out to Navan to work with us and also thank all the students from the Dublin City Centre school for coming along too. We're looking forward to getting together again very soon.