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Daragh Breathnach - 2nd HG
Rory Kelly, Si-Gung Keith Kernspecht and Daragh Breathnach
Daragh Breathnach (right) with Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht and Rory Kelly at the EWTO 40th anniversary celebrations in Hockenheim, May 2016
Daragh has been studying Wing Tsun since August 2004 having previously studied Shotokan Karate for 7 years as well as dabbling in Tai-Chi, kick boxing, boxing, Aikido and fencing. In November 2008 he received his 8th student grade and become an assistant instructor. At the end of 2012 he was awarded his 1st Higher Grade certificate in Wing Tsun and in September 2013 Daragh was invited to become the head instructor for the newly founded school in Navan. Daragh was awarded his 2nd Higher Grade in November 2014.