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Navan Self Defence Course

Starting July 4th

Course details

Starting on Thursday July 4th the course will run every Thursday and Monday through July in our usual venue BT Fitness, Beechmount Homepark, Navan with the class from 20:00 to 21:30 each night.


Nobody gets a medal, a belt or prize money for self defence. The goal is just to get home safely, every day.

The Facts

Assaults, rapes and sexual assaults happen. We know this. In 2017, the latest year for which statistics are available, they happened to almost 22,000 people in Ireland. That works out at 60 people every day. That's 60 people of all ages, genders and races, every day who all believed it wouldn't happen to them. It's also nearly 22,000 people who, when it did happen to them, reported it to the guards. We have no idea how many people decided that some idiot in the pub punching them, or some over friendly co-worker touching them inappropriately on a night out, wasn't worth reporting. So the facts are simple. Assaults, rapes and sexual assaults happen in Ireland every day.

Now that we know, what can we do?

We have two options.

Option 1 is to do nothing and hope that it never happens to us. Chances are it won't. 22,000 in a year is a lot but it's 22,000 out of a population of close to 5 million which doesn't seem like many. Chances are we'll be fine.

Option 2 is to learn how to improve our chances of it not being us. This is where Wing Tsun Navan can help.

The Course

The course will take place in our usual venue of BT Fitness, Beechmount Homepark, Navan, starting on Thursday, July 4th and running over 8 classes. The course is suitable for adults and teens from 14 and up and will cost €50.

Rather than focusing solely on the physical side of self defence, the course will cover the three stages of surviving a self defence situation - Avoid, De-escalate, Escape.


If we can see trouble coming we can avoid it and a situation avoided is a victory. We'll show you how to spot the signs of impending violence. Criminals want an easy target, not a fair fight. Learn how to be seen as a hard target so that criminals will look elsewhere for a victim.


If the situation can't be avoided and we find ourselves face to face with a potential attacker then we move to phase 2 which is calming the situation down or reducing the threat by drawing attention to it or even moving away.


If all else fails, hit and run. Sometimes violence is the answer. A preemptive strike to either disable or distract the potential attacker creates an opportunity to get away. This is not a street fight. There's no ref, no ringside doctor, no rules and no prize so there's no reason to stick around throwing in a second, third or fourth attack if the first gives us what we need - an escape.

Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is a Chinese martial art renowned for its efficiency and effectiveness at close quarters. The only martial art invented by a woman, it is designed to overcome larger, stronger opponents. We will be teaching Wing Tsun techniques that do not rely on size or strength to disable an attacker or escape their grasp.

We were all beginners once and we remember what it was like walking into the hall on our first night. It it helps, we're running a Bring a Friend For Free offer for the duration of the course. Rest assured that we teach in a friendly, welcoming and safe environment. All our instructors are Garda vetted and certified by the European Wing Tsun Organisation and the World Martial Arts Instructors Council.

Booking your place

Send an email to navan@wingtsun.ie

Call or text Daragh on 086 8921567

Or just turn up on the night.

EVERYONE is welcome to come along and see what we have to offer.