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Blanchardstown Grading with Sifu Aidan Canavan

Saturday the 28th of September saw Sifu Aidan Canavan travel to the Blanchardstown school to grade students from the Blanchardstown, Maynooth and Wexford schools. Sifu Aidan is the head instructor in the Dublin City Centre school and holds the rank of 5th PG master level. The national instructor Dai-Sifu Rainer Tausend visits Ireland three times a year to provide seminars and gradings for the students and instructors of the Irish Wing Tsun Organisation (IEWTO). However some students are not ready to grade when Dai-Sifu comes over and having another grading about eight weeks later gives them a chance to re-sit their exam. While Sifu Aidan was grading the students, Sifu Michael who is the head instructor for the Blanchardstown school taught a class for those who were not grading. Also in attendance was Si-Hing Henry Corrigan who is the instructor in the Wexford school. Congratulations to the following students on successfully passing their exam.
Colm Hassett - 6th SG
Robert Golding - 5th SG
J Toolan - 3rd SG
Ray Mogelley - 3rd SG
Joe Glasheen - 2nd SG
Martin Verba - 1st & 2nd SG
Daniel O'Reilly - 1st SG
Didzis Butka - 1st SG
Jake Murphy - 1st SG
Jason Walsh - 1st SG
Rexon Philip - 1st SG
Robert Fitzsimons - 1st SG
Ruaire Walsh - 1st SG
Tomas Frena - 1st SG