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Irish Wing Tsun Spring 2016 Seminars

With Dai-Sifu Rainer Tausend 7th PG

April 23rd and 24th saw the IEWTO gather in Gloucester St. Gym for seminars with National Instructor Dai-Sifu Rainer Tausend.

Dai-Sifu Tausend with Si-Hing Austin Hanlon

Saturday - Instructor Seminar

The instructor seminar on Saturday started with Dai-Sifu Tausend talking about the importance of the forms and how the forms teach the correct way to perform Wing Tsun movements. Even against resistance, when performed properly the Wing Tsun movements can not be stopped.The instructors then spent some time working some of the movements from the Chum Kiu and Biu Tze forms against resistance.

Instructor Seminar attendees

This led directly into Inner Wing Tsun, the main theme of the instructor seminar. After a few exercises designed to illustrate the use of body position rather than force to defend and ways to overcome force via redirection, the instructors moved on to applying this in various Chi Sau programmes.

Sunday - IEWTO Seminar

Dai-Sifu Tausend drops Si-Hing Daragh Breathanch

The theme for the IEWTO seminar was using the correct weapon at the correct distance. Throughout the afternoon Dai-Sifu Tausend demonstrated different scenarios with examples of flowing from kicking distance right through to finishing the downed opponent. As these scenarios were practiced Dai-Sifu Tausend moved around the hall offering corrections, suggesting variations to techniques and answering questions. After a short break students were tested for their grades.

Students at the seminar

Once the formalities of awarding certificates and taking photographs were out of the way a number of members moved to a nearby pub for refreshments where the main topic of conversation is the upcoming EWTO 40th anniversary gathering in Hockenheim.

Students at the seminar

The IEWTO would like to thank Dai-Sifu Tausend for an excellent weekend of educational and enjoyable seminars and we look forward to seeing him in Hockenheim and also to welcoming him back to these shores very soon.

Seminar attendees

Dai-Sifu Tausend with the Maynooth club

Dai-Sifu Tausend with the Navan club