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Irish Wing Tsun Winter 2016 Seminars

With Dai-Sifu Rainer Tausend 7th PG

We must understand that an opponent can only apply his strength in two ways, by pushing or by pulling

SiGung Keith Kernspecht, Inner Wing Tsun pg 114

Instructor Seminar

Almost as a follow on from SiGung Kernspecht's recent editorial, Pull/Push was the theme of the November 19th Instructor Seminar with National Instructor Dai-Sifu Rainer Tausend.

After working on a deceptively simple drill to practice push, pull and switching between the two attention shifted to the Chi Sau sections and a number of scenarios which combine push and pull were highlighted. In parallel with this, Sifu Tausend emphasised the importance of the so-called "magical" line.

Attendees of the Instructor seminar

Of course there was still time to check the forms and point out a few corrections. Sifu Tausend stressed that the forms are not just something we do to follow tradition but are part of preparation for combat and so must be done correctly.

IEWTO Seminar

Checking the forms

Sunday's full IEWTO seminar saw members of the Dublin, Maynooth, Navan, Wexford and, for the first time, Killarney schools gathering together in high spirits on a cold morning. The seminar began, as usual, with Sifu Tausend checking the forms and answering any questions the students had.

That done he moved on to the main theme of the seminar which had the students working on a preemptive attack against an opponent in a southpaw stance.

Once this opening was established the drill was changed slightly so that the opponent reacted by pushing back against the low elbow of the attack (which would be the natural reaction) forcing a change of strategy. Through this the students were introduced to the push pull concept.

Sifu Tausend then added in a number of follow up attacks which expanded on the theme of switching from pull to push and back again.

After a short break, those that were due to be graded were tested for their grades. Then there was just time for the traditional group photo before retiring to the local to discuss the weekend, the year just passed and the year to come.

Attendees of the IEWTO seminar

Thanks to Dai-Sifu Tausend for another great seminar and we look forward to his next visit.

Thanks also to the staff of Gloucester St. Gym for looking after us over the weekend.