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IEWTO Autumn 2017 Seminars

With Dai-Sifu Rainer Tausend

Sifu Rainer Tausend returned to Gloucester St on the weekend of September 16th and 17th for the Autumn Seminars. Saturday was the Instructor's seminar and Sifu Tausend continued the work on Inner Wing Tsun. The day began with a quick demonstration of a partner drill to test the structure for pushing and pulling.

That done Sifu Tausend brought everyone through Chi Sau sections 2 to 7 looking at push and pull within each section as well as answering questions and offering corrections on each section. Sifu also spoke about the different ways in which Chi Sau, and indeed Lat Sau, should be practiced as people progress through their training.

Sifu Tausend and Sifu Canavan with the attendees of the Instructor seminar

The IEWTO seminar on Sunday began, as usual, with Sifu checking, correcting and taking questions on the forms before moving on to the main subject of the seminar.

At first this was a simple move from an intercepted jab or straight punch into a takedown.

Then, since nothing ever goes exactly as planned, a variation of the takedown was introduced to handle a different ending to the same opening scenario.

After both takedowns had been throroughly drilled, Sifu introduced three different defences against the takedowns.

To finish off the main body of the seminar Sifu then went back to Plan A, ditching the takedowns for a simple strike.

Then it was time for students to be put to the test for their gradings.

So engrossing was the seminar that we didn't notice time running away from us and there was barely time for a group photo before the caretaker threw us out!

Sifu Tausend and Sifu Canavan with the attendees of the IEWTO seminar

This meant we were out of the hall with enough time to gather around Barry's car and hear Dean Rock win the All Ireland for the Dubs, a result that wasn't greeted with universal approval.

Gathering around Barry's car listening to the Dubs V Mayo

After that it was off to a nearby pub for some chat and refreshments. Our thanks as always to Sifu Tausend for an enthralling seminar and we look forward to his next visit.