Dublin City Centre  Navan

A Weekend with Grandmasters in the UK

Grandmaster Kernspecht and Sifu Natalie

On the weekend of March 26th and 27th, Daragh Breathnach, head instructor from the Navan school, travelled to Loughton in the UK for a couple of days training with Grandmasters Keith Kernspecht and Oliver Koenig.

Working with Sifu Koenig

Both days started with Grandmaster Koenig providing an introduction to the WT Plus programme.

Working with Sifu Koenig

After lunch Grandmaster Kernspecht and Sifu Natalie took over to go through the 1st section of Si-Gung Kernspecht's simplified Chi Sau programme which he calls, with tongue firmly in cheek, "Magic Hands".

Weekend Attendees

On top of the excellent training, and the opportunity to train with two of the EWTO's Grandmasters, the weekend also meant re-establishing links and friendships with the EWTO members in the UK.All going well this will lead to more trips in both directions across the Irish sea.

Grandmaster Koenig