Dublin City Centre  Navan

IEWTO November 2023 Seminars

November 11th & 12th

November Seminar

The IEWTO, joined by National Instructor, Sifu Tausend, returned to Bohermeen Community centre, just outside Navan, on November 11th and 12th for a weekend of seminars and gradings.

November Seminar

Saturday was a rare occasion for the higher grades to focus on their programmes and Chi Sau sections with Sifu Tausend, Sifu Canvan from the Dublin City Centre school and Nicolas Maraite on hand to demonstrate, answer questions and explain the concepts behind the movements.

November Seminar

On Sunday everyone got together and the focus shifted to some practical self protection applications.

November Seminar

The day started with approaches for dealing with a surprise push, then intercepting the push and then preventing the push with a pre-emptive movement.

Domo 1st HG

Later in the afternoon a number of gradings took place including the awarding of a 1st Higher Grade award to Domo from the Navan School. Domo is pictured here with Navan head instructor, Daragh Breathnach, Sifu Taused and Sifu Canavan who are wearing their Navan 10th anniversary commemorative t-shirts.

10th Anniversary Dinner

The 10th Anniversary of the Wing Tsun club was celebrated on Saturday night with a meal and, of course, cake.