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Self Defence Class

Monday June 22nd

On June 22nd we gave a very well attended free Self Defence class.
The purpose of the class was two fold. On top of giving people some simple, effective, self defence training we aimed to try and grow interest in Wing Tsun and what we do.

The class covered
- Avoidance
- Meeting the enemy
- De-escalation
- Escape
- Attitude adjustment
- Grabs,locks and holds
- Multiple enemies
- Armed enemies

Blitz Defence

The Self Defence techniques taught in the class were all taken from the Wing Tsun Blitz Defence programme. Wing Tsun, similar to Tai Chi, is an internal martial art. This means it generates power through body alignment and by keeping the muscles relaxed.This takes time to learn.
The Blitz Defence programme gives students simple, effective techniques that they can use immediately. These techniques will then become more powerful and flow into other techniques through continued Wing Tsun practice.