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New Year, New You?

Happy New Year

New Year, Kung Fu!

There are many hidden benefits to Wing Tsun

As is traditional at this time of year many people are planning to make positive changes in their lives. Whatever changes you are looking to make there are many hidden benefits acquired through training in Wing Tsun which might just make it your perfect new hobby.

The Wing Tsun stances help develop leg and core strength as well as improving balance and coordination.

Through training the body structure necessary to deliver power to strikes Wing Tsun improves posture.

Practicing the forms and partner drills requires focus and shutting out distractions which can help in developing mindfulness.

The sensitivity training which is a part of Wing Tsun requires the arms and shoulders to be relaxed, helping to reduce stress.

The forms in Wing Tsun have long been considered a type of standing meditation.

Training in Wing Tsun, as in any martial art, helps to build confidence.

Wing Tsun does not rely on strength, flexibility or fitness. If it did it would only work for the strong, flexible or fit. This means age is no obstacle to practice.

On top of all that are all the benefits that come from regular exercise.

If you're over 15 and would like to give it a try for yourself Wing Tsun Navan are running a special offer for January. Join anytime in January and get one month's training for just €30. That's less than half price!

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