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IEWTO Seminar May 2023

Bohermeen Community Centre

For the first time since 2018 the IEWTO gathered for a seminar with National Instructor, Sifu Tausend. For the first time in the IEWTO's history, the seminar took place outside of Dublin in the Bohermeen Community Centre in Co. Meath.

Checking the forms

For many of the attendees this was the first opportunity to train with Sifu Tausend who was as generous with his time and knowledge as always, irrespective of the age or experience of the students.

Sifu Tausend with one of our younger students

The seminar focused on dealing with a situation starting at conversation range but with our own hands in a starting position. Everyone worked on drills around raising the hands, making contact and taking control of the opponent's limbs before ending the encounter with some strikes. Working with some of the more senior students, Sifu Tausend stressed the importance of training the applications in the Chi Sau sections.

Controlling the limb

There was also time for gradings and, with so many to be checked, Sifu Tausend was assisted by Sifu Aidan Canavan from the city centre school and Nicolas Maraite who travelled from Luxembourg for the weekend.


There was a great atmosphere at the seminar and the time just flew by. It was great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones in a shared enthusiasm for the art of Wing Tsun. We're really looking forward to Sifu's planned return in November.

IEWTO Seminar Attendees